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TL TANGO LOVERS ORGANIZATION is a Non Profit, Equal Opportunity/Access Organization

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Statement
TL Tango Lovers Organization values diversity, equity, and inclusion as integral to our mission as we embrace and strive to ensure that a diversity of cultures, races and ethnicities, genders, political and religious beliefs, physical and learning differences, sexual orientations and identities , are thriving in our community.

2015 - BEST MUSICAL SHOW OF THE YEAR awarded by  ACE, the Association of Critics of Entertainment of New York, a prestigious organization of 50 years of existence. 

2016 - BEST INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION awarded by AUREA, the Association of Entertainment Representatives and Artists Managers of Uruguay

2017 - BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR awarded by FOX MUSIC USA, a prestigious organization which recognize talent around the world.

2017 - BEST INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION awarded by AUREA, the Association of Entertainment Representatives and Artists Managers of Uruguay

2017 - BEST MUSICAL SHOW OF THE YEAR awarded  by the 2nd time by  ACE, the Association of Critics of Entertainment of New York, a prestigious organization of 50 years of existence. 

2018 -  BEST INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION awarded by AUREA, the Association of Entertainment Representatives and Artists Managers of Uruguay

2019 - TRAJECTORY AWARD by GRAFFITI which recognizes achievement in music



Innovation, creativity and excellence  


Alfredo Lerida


Alfredo created “Enamorados Del Tango” in 2003, which was later re-launched as Tango Lovers in 2010.  He was  the soloist singer,  creator and producer of Tango Lovers.  Alfredo was born with the Rio de la Plata music in his blood.  From his early childhood Alfredo explored, formed and developed his artistic talent which has taken him to share international stages with great Latin artists.such as Ruben Juarez, Olga del Grossi, Raul Jaurena, Federico Britos, Luis Dimas, Nestor Fabian and many more.His participation in the First Argentinean Festival in Miami called the media's attention and his group was qualified as  one of the best performances of the event.  Alfredo created the show Enamorados del Tango and remained as singer, general director and producer of Tango Lovers.  His career includes presentations  in his own Montevideo, Uruguay in important theaters such as Zitarrosa, el Galpon and the Adela Reta Theater at "el Sodre".  Also performed in  Peru, in one of the most prestigious theaters in Chile, Teatro Municipal Las Condes, in  Canada, Asia, Turkey and  the United States  touring from coast to coast in  Center.  His CD "Sin Fronteras"  (No Borders), shows his artistic versatility with a vast and varied repertory of tangos, boleros and baladas. he was recognized as the Tango Artist of the Year in New York City.  and Best International Producer (2016, 2017,and 201).  His company Tango Lovers received the ACE award and the Fox Music award in 2016 and 2017 as Best Musical Show of the Year.  He  received the Graffitti award for trajectory and his company was declared "Cultural Ambassador of the Uruguay brand" Alfredo worked very closely with international communities to create awareness of his own culture, the Culture of Rio de la Plata and  promoted  emerging Uruguayan artists  to international stages.  Nowadays, through  the "Fundacion Artística Alfredo Lérida" his legacy continues by giving opportunities to young artists from Rio de la Plata. 

​​​Pierina Asti-Schulz


Pierina is an Industrial Engineer specialized in Innovation and market disruption at Harvard University with triple Masters in Business Administration, specialized in Global Strategies, Management and Sales and Marketing Administration.  She graduated with honors in the USA and held for a couple years the  Vice Presidency of Golden Key International Honor Society which groups honor students and professionals internationally.

Pierina has been  a member of the production team in the multiple award winning documentary  “the Quest for Wonder” hosted by Richard Bangs achieving the  CINE Golden Eagle 2012  and Telly 2012 awards.   In 2023, a series of documentaries she produced with Telemundo, won the Emmy award. Her projects have been recognized in different fields. Along with her passion for art and cultural development, she has applied her knowledge to the production and expansion of the company  since 2012.  She has been interviewed by NBC, Univision, Telemundo, People and many other relevant international media about her initiatives  with Tango Lovers. 

She is giving continuity to the legacy of her late husband ALFREDO LERIDA.



Tango is for All


The company’s vision is to unite cultures and generations through the art of Tango, one of the most sensuous genres of the world.  


Tango Lovers’ executive team is dedicated to carry out the company's mission and vision and to achieve the highest levels of excellence to create transcendent moments for the audiences and to  illuminate the human experience.  



Tango Lovers  has achieved levels of excellence given its dedication to innovation.  Multiple times awarded Tango Lovers Company are the creators of the most dynamic, elegant, exciting and sensuous shows in the World which have been rated by the press as “Tango show at the best Broadway style”, the “Best Tango Show in town”.  Audiences have also qualified Tango Lovers as the “Best Tango Show” ever seen. 


Excellence in the fields of artistic creativity and performance.


Tango Lovers' mission is to share and promote the Culture of Rio de la Plata around the world through its artistic expression.