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Dance Captain - First dancer

Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer of Argentine Tango

In 2013, she achieved the title of Vice Champion in the World Tango Championship held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, competing in the Tango Stage category alongside her artistic partner, Nicolas Schell.
She graduated with honors as a teacher of Argentine tango and folklore from esteemed institutions and further honed her craft under the tutelage of world-renowned artists such as Mora Godoy and German Cornejo.
Together with Nicolas, she has been involved in significant projects, including leading the dance ensemble of Tango Lovers since 2012, contributing innovative choreographic concepts. Nair is an esteemed member of the company's artistic committee. Additionally, she performs in renowned tango houses in Buenos Aires and has toured the world with various international shows. 


Dance Captain - First dancer

​As a dancer, teacher, and choreographer, he embodies the essence of Argentine Tango. Director and Choreographer of the Tango Company at the National University of the Arts (UNA), where he also imparts his knowledge as a Tango Dance lecturer.
In 2013, he clinched the title of Vice Champion at the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the Tango Stage category. He also starred as the lead dancer in "Calles de Tango" at the Alvear Theater on Corrientes Street in 2019.
Since 2009, he has graced the stages of Buenos Aires' most prestigious venues, including Stravaganza Tango at the Broadway Theater on Corrientes Street, Rojo Tango at the Faena Hotel, Señor Tango, El Viejo Almacén, among others.
His talent has taken him on tours across the globe, performing with renowned international companies and shows and works with Tango Lovers' projects since 2012.