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​​​Singer - Producer - Composer - Actor - Arrangeist
Guillermo Fernandez born in Buenos Aires in the San Telmo neighborhood. Known as Guillermito Fernandez was a prodigy child interpreter of Rio de la Plata music. He started his career at the early age of 6 years old  becoming a recognized figure.  
A big name such as Anibal Troilo was one of his repetoire teachers.
He was a non-stop prodigy figure of TV in important and popular programs such as "La Feria de la Alegría".  Afterwards, he joined the cast of "Grandes valores del tango and from there he began an upward career, performing on the most important stages in the country, also abroad.
He performed at the mythical tango house “Caño 14” where Aníbal Troilo, Roberto Goyeneche and the great dancer Juan Carlos Copes were also present.  

His trajectory is very extensive and has won numerous prestigious awards such as the Latin Grammy,  ACE, Gardel, Estrella de Mar, Konex and the Gaviota de Plata, Lira de Oro at Viña del Mar Festival. He has recorded countless albums for various record labels  and has performed all over the world and he is now starring as singer of TANGO LOVERS COMPANY.


​​​Vocal Coach - Singer

Director of the Singing Studio Vocal music in Uruguay
Regional Director in Modern Vocal Training, Vocal coach and certified in the Speech Level Singing and MVT methods.  Born in Santa Lucia, Uruguay began studies of declamation at just three years old, at 12 she is chosen soloist of the “Coro Municipal” of the House of the Culture, at 15 years is part of the cast of Tangueria 85 and at 17 she was selected by Donato Racciatti orchestra, one of the most renowned in Uruguay  performing in four of their consecutive tours to Japan.  Since then, she has been presenting in her own country and internationally in Poland, Spain, Chile, Argentina among others.  She is part of TANGO LOVERS cast since 2007 and is now the Director in Uruguay of the ALFREDO LERIDA Artistic Foundation which has the objective of providing tools to young emerging singers for their artistic development and  to be able to perform in international stages.