For the past few years, TANGO LOVERS has been touring around the world

 in multiple presentations in venues such as  

National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, China

Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing, China

Shanghai Center Theater, Shanghai, China

Wuhan Theater, Wuhan, China

ZuZhou Theater, China

Auditorio Nacional Adela Reta, Montevideo, Uruguay

​Teatro Municipal Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Fillmore Theater at Jackie Gleason in Miami Beach, USA

The Colony Theater in Miami Beach, USA

Queens Theater New York

University of New York, Skirball Center, New York
Berklee Performance Center, Boston

The Herbst Theater, San Francisco 
Marine Memorial Theater, San Francisco
Symphony Hall, New Jersey

George Washington University Lisner Theater, Washington, DC
Lincoln Theater, Washington, DC

Holloway Hall, Salisbury University, Maryland

THe Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg, Florida
Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, Orlando, Florida
Littman theater, Miami
Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Florida

​and many more ..........

Tango has never been so provocative…
Dare to discover the magic of  TANGO LOVERS 
Production Awarded by Latin ACE 2015 and 2017 as
In New York and by FOX Music USA  in  2017
and BEST INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION by AUREA 2016 , 2017 and 2018 

With an ensemble of professionals with rich international paths, world tango dance champions and acclaimed music prodigies, I AM TANGO by TANGO LOVERS proposes a unique perspective of tango through a central character named “Tango”. He faces his essence represented by the bandoneon to whom he questions about the genre evolution and fusions. Tango makes a regression back in time and walks the audience to our present days through music, dance, costumes, lighting and multimedia. The character transits through different stories, ages and cultures and amidst the genre evolution and changes, he feels that he is dying and losing his mind but he realizes that the fusions and genius of new composers made the tango genre travel all over the world and evolved with the passing of the years but maintains the essence of the most sensuous and passionate music of the planet. I AM TANGO by TANGO LOVERS creates an exquisite balance between traditional tango and tango show. TANGO LOVERS has achieved many important international awards and has been touring with multiple presentations in renowned world stages such as:

  Pierina Asti-Schulz
+1 (305)  613 1719 USA