Emiliano graduated as Music Profesor specialized in Piano, from the “Astor Piazzolla” Conservatory of Music of the City of Buenos Aires.  He also graduated from the Tangueros Styles Conservatory “Argentino Galván"  as Arranger Musician specialized in Tango styles, endorsed by the National Academy of Tango.  Took private classes with renowned  professors José Ogivieki, Nicolás Ledesma, Susana Agrest, Manolo Juárez and Fernando Pérez. 

Emiliano is a young composer and arranger with many records where he has contributed as a composer with his talent.  Throughout his career he has the musical direction of the most important tango houses in Argentina and has toured around the world with tango show companies and musical bands such as Vice-versa and renowned orchestras.



Charly started first musical studies with private teachers at 7 years old and in 1992 started to perform at a professional level.

He started acoustic bass studies with Professor Nhils Di Concilio (First Acoustic Bass of the Symphonic Band of Montevideo) and few years later he specialized in the tango genre.

He has toured in Europe, the USA  and Latin America and performs in important concerts in his native Uruguay.   



Ba​ssist, Composer and Educator. Agustin started playing percussion and melodica at an early age. Before graduating as a Bachelor of Music he began a prolific professional career accompanying tango and popular singers . Agustin has worked extensively with local and international artists on National television, radio, festivals and iconic venues in Buenos Aires.  Agustin specialized in Jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he earned the “Best Invention 2003” Composition Award and graduated  with honors. Agustin  pursued a Master of Music in Jazz Performance in Florida International University (FIU), graduating with the highest honors in 2009​. A Master Bassist of Tango, Jazz, Latin-Jazz and South American rhythms, he is equally proficient on contrabass and 6-string electric bass. Agustin has performed with Gloria Gaynor, Arturo Sandoval and many renowned figures.



Silvana was formed as a musician in Uruguay.  She has participated in the Philharmonic Orchestra of the S.O.D.R.E theater and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo.  In the USA she participated in the Miami Symphony Orchestra as first violin.

She is currently an active violinist in tours with renowned artists such as Ricardo Montaner.  She recently performed with Rod Steward.


Bandoneon - Musical Director

Bandoneonist, pianist and composer, is the brightest star of the modern Argentine music world. At his young age he has acquired incredible fame standing on the same stage with the most venerable Argentine tango artists. Having graduated as a pianist from the music conservatory named after Astor Piazzolla, Lautaro chose bandoneon as his main instrument playing it since his early childhood. His father was his first maestro, bandoneonist, Pablo Greco. Among other greatest and legendary musicians in Argentine tango who were on the same stage with Lautaro are Rubén Juarez, Fernando Suarez Paz (the violinist of Astor Piazzola), Raúl Lavié, Guillermo Fernández (singer), Rubén Blades, and many others. Lautaro played for 4 years at the legendary orchestra «Sexteto Mayor» and took part in the CD recording which was awarded with the «Carlos Gardel» Prize as the best tango album of 2008.  Lautaro Greco is one of the recognized 4 best bandoneonists of the world, the other 3 being Mosalini, Marconi, Pane – all of them represented in the special project, championship-festival «Bandoneonazo» in Buenos Aires.


First violin

Music graduate and educator.

​Matias has received many awards during his career including scholarships with different renowned international musicians and music schools.  He has participated in music festivals around the world and toured with ensembles such ad Bajo Fondo, La Vela Puerca and others.  Matias  participates in international Philharmonic and Symphonic orchestras and is currently a violin professor in his natal Uruguay.